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        Getting ready for your photoshoot @ St Régis Bora Bora

        You’ll find below everything you need to know to get ready for your photoshoot & customize it so the final pictures fits perfectly your vision : the best locations around the resort & the reccomended itineraries depending on the duration of your photoshoot, the best times of the day to shoot & outfits ideas.

        1/ Locations

        Here is the most scenic places of the resort. You invite you to pick your favorites.

        Spa area : Beach + Bridge


        Main beach

        Bungalow bridge, mountain view

        Water hammock

        Bungalow deck

        Main dock, Otemanu view

        Oasis pool

        2/ Recommended itineraries

        Here are our recommended itineraries depending on the duration of your photoshoot. We invite you to pick the one you like the most 🙂

        Itineraries for 1H photoshoot :

        • Oasis pool + Bungalow bridge + Bungalow deck
        • Spa area + Lagoonarium
        • Main beach + Water hammock

        Itineraries for 2H photoshoot :

        • Spa Area + Lagoonarium + Main Beach + Water Hammock
        • Spa Area + Lagoonarium + Bungalow bridge + Bungalow deck
        • Main dock + Bungalow bridge + Oasis pool + Main beach + Water hammock
        • Main dock + Oasis pool + Main beach + Bungalow bridge + Bungalow deck

        Itineraries for 3H :

        • Any 2H itinerary + reef side

        3/ Time & Light

        The light is very different depending on the time of the day. To get a soft and beautiful light the best is to shoot just after the sunrise or just before the sunset. Sunsets are often sensational here so it’s a great time to shoot BUT be aware that the water won’t look that blue (but golden or pink depending on the colours of the sunset of the day). If you wish to get vibrant blue for your pictures the best is to shoot on the morning between 9AM & 11AM. It’s better to avoid shooting in the middle of the afternoon: the light is way too harsh and the best photo spots are usually busy.

        Morning vs Sunset
        Morning vs Sunset
        Morning vs Sunset

        4/ Outfits

        Number of outfits: You can pick up to two outfits for sessions of 2H and more.

        • If you are going to wear your wedding gowns: Please get dressed before the photoshoot as some dresses can take forever to pull on 😉

        • If you are not going to wear your wedding gowns: Choose outfits you are comfortable in and feel beautiful wearing them (and try to match colours). For ladies, we advise long and aerial dresses and chic summer clothing for men (like linen shirt and trousers). Please try to avoid printed fabric or flashy colours (as it won’t be a great fit with our editing style and the Polynesian nature’s colours).

        Our full article about what to wear: https://marcgerardphotographytahiti.com/en/what-to-wear-for-my-photo-shoot-in-bora-bora/

        Fresh flowers: This is the IT accessories for your photo shoot in Polynesia. You can order yours at the front desk or conciergerie the day before your photoshoot. Gentelmans, you can also ask for a foliage crown or a flower lei  😉