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        Yup, that's us, Billie & Marc ;D
        We laugh a lot, we live intensely we love crazy projects but most of all we love photography.

        Portrait Marc Gérard Photographe

        He ♡ : Skateboarding, extreme sensations, write farfetched essays, read Slocombe, Bear Grills, French Polynesia, healthy food & Belgium beer, fashion, electronic music, last minutes departures and, I guess you get it now: photography.

        Meet Marc.

        His the one behind the camera. He first started photography thanks to his second passion: skateboard (he used to be a pro skater, long time ago… XD). Then he worked for several sports magazines before he discovers what its like to shoot a wedding… Same adrenaline. All. Day. Long. He just got addicted and never stopped since then, and it’s been 10 years now that he immortalizes in love people. He loves to chase the Polynesian waves, early in the morning with his mates. He dreams of doing parkour on Paris’s roofs. He enjoys to capture magnificent landscapes and make time lapses of the sunset, up in the mountains with a beer in the hand and go down back home with the sole light of the moon. Follow him on Instagram: marc_gerard_photo

        Portrait Marc Gérard Photographe
        Portrait Billie - Photographe Tahiti

        She ♡: Long-haul flights, nail polish (I think she might have more than 200), British humour, sunsets, Despentes & Zola, Moresques and spritz. Street food, raw meat & melted cheese, tattoos, read hours on the web, passionate people, unusual things and of course cats videos for chicks.

        Meet Billie.

        With an E at the end. Yes, it does sounds American but she is a true Frenchie! Billie is a real adventurer. Being a passport stamps fan, she crisscrosses, roams, and sets foot in the unknown land without asphalt, looking for sensations. New sensations, stamped over the pages of her little health book on which we can read: Victim of the itchy feet syndrome. Billie is also, “The brain” as I like to call her… If I handle photography she pretty much does all the rest! She’s the one who will answer your emails and get everything ready for your photo shoot. Meticulous and perfectly bilingual, she’s also with me during the shootings as my third eye. She’s also a real drone pilot, so much at ease in the air as underwater with the sharks of the lagoon. Follow her on Instagram : @shetravelsbarefoot

        Portrait Billie - Photographe Tahiti