What to wear for my photo shoot in Bora Bora?

We are often asked this question and that’s why we decided to help you find outfits that match our style of photos.

You are in Bora Bora, it’s the holidays and it comes as a shocker but believe me, it’s nice and hot here and I assure you that in the rainy season it’s even waaaay hotter. Which leads me to give you some tips to be comfortable and beautiful as a rock star, without melting like an ice-cream on a barbecue.

Couple photo shoot on Bora Bora beach


Go for clear, casual & summer outfits. For photos in Bora Bora, white is the best. It matches well with the heavenly atmosphere and as a bonus, you will be less hot. Avoid dark or saturated colors, the light is intense enough and the lagoon is blue enough to give your photos a nice boost. No need to add more. Wearing dark or saturated colors can create a strong contrast between you and the beach and it will not be very aesthetic. White or pastel colors adapt perfectly to our style of photos. We recommend a Beach Wear style: casual and elegant at the same time.

Think as a couple, wear matching outfits.

You are a couple and therefore you will most likely be 2 in the photo. The outfit of one must not conflict with what the other is wearing. You have to find a nice balance. How to do so? Do not panic, we detail the whole process for you below:

Wear the same colours or wear complementary shades of the outfit of your companion but never more than 3 colours. This technique makes it possible to harmonize the hues of the photo. Keep in mind that in Bora Bora the most common hues are the blue of the lagoon and the white of the sand.

Here are some examples of colours that match well together:

_ White with beige
_ Pale blue and pastel pink,
_Practically all pastel shades go well with a neutral shade like white.
_ Oddly enough we like the orange colour but it must be accompanied with a neutral shade.

Remember to wear the darkest colours at the bottom and the light colours at the top to highlight your face. In addition, this technique allows to lengthen the silhouette so why do without?

I love that my models wear necklaces or crowns of local flowers. Very typical, it allows to mark the occasion during your honeymoon in Bora Bora.


Outfit ideas for women:

_ A fairly loose T-shirt + shorts
_ “Boyfriend” tops (shirts & t-shirts)
_ Beach caftan + a nice swimsuit
_ Kimono + swimsuit
_ Flowy dresses
_ Long slit dress (to let out a leg and avoid the “block” effect)


Stylish your outfit by leaving room for your imagination. You can give a sophisticated look by tucking your top in the bottom of the outfit. You can also belt your waist with a scarf to accentuate the feminine forms. Think of the details by accessorizing the whole thing with jewels. I advise the beautiful golden cuffs. Collect many styles of jewellery from ethnic rings or bracelets without going overboard to personalize your ensemble.


Outfit ideas for men:

_ Loose fit T-shirt with open collar + rolled up Bermuda shorts
_ Total white linen look
_ Pale blue shirt + Pants
_ White shirt with pastel shorts

For boys it’s easier because you have no accessories to wear, there are just 3 rules to respect:

_ No overly tight collars or else it feels like you are strangled by your own t-shirt.
_ No chain bracelets, go for a wristband or keep it simple.
_ No big chains too (unless you are Mister T of course).


Avoid yourself the agony of what to wear on your feet, you won’t need it, because we will often be barefoot.

The same for her, you can add a little style to your outfit by slightly opening your shirt and entering only one side of it in the pants. You can also try a wide t-shirt and make a lapel on the sleeves.

I hope these tips will help you easily find your outfit for your photo shoot in Bora Bora.

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